Interview with 'Swot' Chief Executive Officer

Our branch in Qatar will be disclosed pretty soon and hopefully we shall expand to another region after Interview with 'Swot' Chief Executive Officer

Swot Creative Hub is a multidisciplinary creative hub at the intersection of art, design and technology that radiates youth, novelty, and innovation launched by three creative minds that live and breathe the advertising word, and passionate towards smart communication.


Swot helps new and established businesses to launch their new products and increase their revenue and transform it into needed brand by harnessing design, creativity and technology, they build effective tailor-made measurable marketing strategies and creative impactful campaigns.


Beiruting met Mr. Yussef Kanaan (Swot CEO) to highlight on the newly born agency despite Lebanon’s financial crisis


Yussef’s Marketing slogan: They say Cash is king, I say Content is king.


1-How and when did the idea of Swot team started and what services do you provide?

We are three friends that live and breathe the advertising world with a background in the domain and passion towards smart communication, we were able to form a hub that radiates youth, novelty, and innovation.

The idea was born to infiltrate a breath of fresh air in an industry that is ever changing. This hub gathers top-tier ad fanatics that are socially aware, politically correct, and trend setters in between their group and influential people when it comes to activism and being impactful members in society.


2- Who are the customers of Swot team?

SWOT clients are a bouquet of different industries gathering F&B, corporate brands, nightlife / HORECA scene, healthcare brands, luxury products, malls, concept stores, fashion, lingerie, financial / insurance / trade, wholesale, and so on. In other words, a multitude of tone of voices, and a vast area of expertise which makes the team capable of embodying your brand’s culture and boosting it forward in terms of standing out and getting a message across.


3- Do you rely on your work on social media?

Social media happens to be a leading force currently in terms of expanding your clientele and standing out, it reflects the corporate culture and gives insight on what you will be expecting if you were to choose SWOT. Through engaging and witty content, we have set a tone of voice that distinguish us and make us be a leading force in terms of not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun with the content being that at the end of the day we are creative people that manifest energies through our work.


4- What are the special services that you provide to the customer?

Aside from handling the brand from A to Z, we make the client our priority. We also design and develop websites from informative to e-commerce.


5- Are there any difficulties you are facing in light of the economic collapse that Lebanon is suffering from?

The current Lebanese situation has drastically impacted the creative world and its perception, in fact clients are cutting off budgets and limiting how much they are willing to spend on advertising as a whole, which makes it a daring challenge to step up the strategy and enhance the ways of communicating a message on a lower budget and with more alternatives.


6- What are your future ambitions?

We perceive SWOT as a growing special giant, a full-fledged force of innovation and daring creativity. The goal is to become a multinational and grow into a bigger scheme and mark our territory in terms of communication. While growing, we expect to target leading brands and convince them to hop on our spatial ship and also adopt new concept brands and turn them into iconic products that compete with well- established corporations. On another note, our branch in Qatar will be disclosed pretty soon and hopefully we shall expand to another region after to promote the idea that local power is a universal tool that can make us be cherished, applauded, and praised.

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