Three Astronauts, One Dream

Three people floating in the galaxy, specifically Planet Beirut, decided to unite their super powers to amplify the Advertising and Marketing industries.
Together they built a company from scratch, hired the right astronauts in the right positions and started their engines. In a very short amount of time, they managed to grow organically and develop a solid clientele that trusts their work and recommends them to other brands.
Their rocket survived hardships from an explosion, to corruption, revolution, inflation, political instability, and even a pandemic. A change of strategies and tactics happened along the way to perfect the overall experience.
SWOT is not any ad agency, it became a community that is far from toxicity and competition, instead it is fulfilled with a helpful team that works on brands as if they were theirs. Slowly but surely, the company started expanding its departments and specialties which made it a multidisciplinary hub that offers any client everything they need to succeed. And now, it expanded to the extent of having someone put this legacy into words and communicate a story that is far from fiction.