Delices Du Monde

Delices Du Monde

Healthy goodness

Delices Du Monde gathers multiple product lines of tea, coffee, cereal, crispy bread, and more healthy goodness.


Delices Du Monde


Our Role

Coffee Sticks Packaging

Social Media Launch Campaign


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Delices Du Monde

Healthy Social Media Launching & Healthier Packaging

SWOT was in charge of Delices du Monde’s first impression, guaranteeing a launch on social media that established awareness and started a conversation around the brand. Not to forget the design of coffee sachets in terms of packaging.

Delices Du Monde

Following the brand guidelines of Delices du Monde we were able to create an uplifted version of coffee sticks packages that are modern and at the same time functional.
The design approach adopted is simple and resonates with the audience who already have an idea on how such packages should look like.